There is no other fabric like Silk that is synonymous with Indian Weddings. A Silk Dhoti is one thing a man will treasure for years, as a reminder of all the joys of his wedding. Planning a wedding may be a woman’s realm, but the bridegroom gets his due share of starry moments in the wedding. One of the most prestigious gifts a bridegroom gets for his wedding is his Silk Dhoti from his in-laws. This essentially is the ‘First Gift’ given to the Bridegroom from the bride’s family. It holds a traditional significance as this perfect gift displays the pride and trust showered on the groom.

A century old name in Silk, Rajavivaha offers high quality Pure Silk Dhoties. Our Silk Dhoties symbolize the trust the bride’s family show in the bridegroom much like the faith the customers have in Rajavivaha. Gift the bridegroom a Rajavivaha Silk Dhoti to make his new chapter in life more beautiful and significant!