Rajavivaha, now a product of Ramavilaas Textile, was started in 1905, in Salem, by two young brothers whose dedication and commitment made it a market leader of Silk Dhoties and traditional outfits and continues to be so even after a century, thanks in no small part to our customers who have been our pillars of strength.

Each product of Rajavivaha is uniquely weaved from one of the best weavers of the country. Our products come in a wide range of colours and designs, keeping in mind the changing trends and tastes of today’s youth.

Our Heritage

The history behind Rajavivaha spans four generations and 108 years of seasoned experience in Silk Dhoties. Our story started way back in 1905, in the city of Salem in Tamil Nadu, when two brothers, Sri.S.N.Ramasamy Chetty and Sri.S.N.Sadasivam Chettiar started a family-run wholesale enterprise in the name ‘S.N.Ramasamy Chetty & Bros, Rama Vilas’ that did steady business and emerged to become a pioneer in Silk Dhoties.

Thirty five years later, the enterprise was taken over by Sri.Setty.S.Viswanaathan, son of Sri.S.N.Sadasivam Chettiar. Under him, the firm established its reputation throughout Tamil Nadu by creating a vast network of experienced weavers. The firm extended its distribution network across the state without compromising in the quality of its products, which itself became the USP of the company.

With growing popularity and never-compromising quality, the textile enterprise quickly became a sought-after name for Silk Dhoties not only in the state but all over the country under Sri.Bhadri Vishwanaathan, son of Sri.Setty.S.Viswanaathan. Being a professional Chartered Accountant, he was able to give a new outlook to the company management systems. With his unique ideas and effective managerial skills, the enterprise became one of the leading manufacturers of Handloom Silk Dhoties in India.

Under the guidance of his grandfather, the fourth generation entrepreneur Sri.Karthik Bhadhri, son of Sri.Bhadri Vishwanaathan, has made his successful foray into the family business. Having completed his Masters in Business Administration, he was quickly able to sense the pulse of the growing market needs. With its ever-growing status as one of the prominent names in silk clothing for men, he identified a need to brand the company’s Silk products. This thought paved way to the birth of RAJAVIVAHA. Today, the line of silk clothing at Rajavivaha is a perfect mix of traditional and trendy designs tailored to suit the modern man.

Rajavivaha is proud to carry the Indian tradition and culture through generations. We are happy to be a part of the most special occasion in one’s life that is Marriage. This is the fourth generation which is making the Indian wedding happier.