“Rajavivaha is a name that weaves the threads of grandeur and pride.”

The Wedding Silk Dhoti Specialists

The Wedding Silk Dhoti Specialists
Look your best on your most special day! Stand tall with grace and pride amidst the crowd!

Here at Rajavivaha, we do our best to make your wedding day very special. Rajavivaha’s Silk Dhoties are exclusively for that one special day in a man’s life – Wedding, a day that will remain fresh in his memory forever and a day he will feel complete in Rajavivaha’s attire. Rajavivaha’s Silk Dhoties on the man gives him pride, prestige, and elegance, enabling him to feel the true culture at every drape and every walk.

The City of Venpattu Veshti (White Silk Dhoti)

When we think silk, we cannot but think India where silk is a luxury, a cultural, religious entity and a way of life.The white Silk Dhoti (Venpattu Veshti) is synonymous with the city of Salem. Hailing from the only place in the entire country that hand-weaves Silk Dhoties and combining our roots with 108 years of experience, Rajavivaha has much to offer.